Terms and Conditions


The account holder will be notified of arrival of all packages and will be ready for pickup immediately. Special arrangements can be made for packages to be delivered to the address provided. For delivery there would be a charge. This charge would be calculated according to your geographic location and distance from our office base. Please notify us that you would like to have your packages delivered 24hours in advance. Email us on shipbandh@gmail.com to schedule your delivery.



Our rates are charged at the rates indicated whether Air Freight or Ocean Freight. The rates for all Air Freight are applied given the actual weight. Only our Ocean Freight is charged on the volumetric or the actual weight, whichever is greater. Estimates given are based on figures used to calculate charges and should not be assumed as the final cost you will be required to pay. Estimates given may not be your actual charges. B and H Tropicals Limited will not be held liable for variation of figures estimated and your actual charges.



Payment MUST be made in full upon delivery (COD). Each customer will be held responsible for all charges that are associated with all the packages they receive, even if the packages received were damaged or if the contents fail to correspond to the items ordered. Please note that if for some reason your package is held at the Courier Bond you will be responsible for all the storage charges (storage is paid to Courier Bond, not to B and H Tropicals Limited). Furthermore, you will be obligated to pay your Air Freight charges to B and H Tropicals Limited at the time of shipment (this is for transmitting your package/s from Florida to Trinidad).



All packages must be accompanied with a detailed invoice. Also, the total value per shipment should not exceed US$1000.00. However, if the shipment exceeds this value, a customs entry must be prepared by a licensed customs broker. Shipments valued under US$1000.00 will be cleared automatically on a “Non Trade Entry” form.



Packages that are not collected and paid for within fourteen (14) days after being "READY FOR PICKUP" will begin to accrue storage charges of $10.00 per day, per package. The unclaimed packages becomes the property of B and H Tropicals Limited if they remain unclaimed within fourteen (14) days after the initial fourteen (14) days of being ready for pickup. The unclaimed packages will accrue the daily storage charge until it is no longer in the possession of B & H Tropicals Limited. 



Mail and Magazines are only delivered if the delivery of a package is imminent; however, there is the option for pick up at our office. Alternatively, there is a fee of TTD30.00 if a customer prefers to opt for our delivery service. Nonetheless, if the pick-up option is chosen for mail and magazines at our office, customers are required to so within ten (10) working days, after this time, B and H Tropicals Limited will not be held responsible for the loss mail and/or magazines.



Restrictions are applied for several items and articles, and allow absolutely NO hazardous materials/chemicals, solvents, pornographic materials, perishables, firearms and ammunitions. B and H Tropicals Limited strongly advise that you use your US address for lawful purposes only. The account holder will be held solely responsible for all packages and charges related to their account.



B and H Tropicals Limited does not accept responsibility for packages which are not delivered to our office in Florida, USA. Kindly ensure that there is a method to confirm delivery of your packages to our office in Florida. Also, B and H Tropicals Limited will not be held liable for your losses of any kind, inclusive of damages caused to your package during shipping to Trinidad nor will B and H Tropicals Limited be responsible for delays in shipping. Please be advised that all valuable packages should be insured (this is for your safety and insurance).