About B&H

About B&H Tropicals Limited

I would like to personally welcome you to the B&H Tropical’s family and introduce you to our team. It has always been our desire to make our customers smile by providing exceptional service. One of our goals is to exceed your expectations. We want you to have confidence in our service and in our team, but most importantly, we want you to know we are here to serve you.

We have seen tremendous growth since it began its operations in January 2014; much of our growth is a result of referrals from satisfied customers. Today, we service customers throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

We stand resolute in our commitment to our customers by delivering uncompromising excellent service. This commitment to excellence fuels our passion for customer satisfaction and is reflected in our rigorous recruitment and selection process.  Our individualized approach to addressing customer issues is regarded as one of our strengths. Our highly experienced management team and service professionals specialize in managing all customer requests in a time sensitive manner, while meeting the unique needs and requirements of our customers.